Friday, September 18, 2009

Nourishment from the garden

My garden grounds me in the middle of stress. Before an afternoon of taking mom to appointments I decided to make myself a nourishing soup from the garden. I gathered potatoes I had unearthed and had allowed to dry, carrots, green peppers, green beans, fresh basil, and new collards. I'm cooking all that with onions and the remains of a baked chicken to get the flavor of chicken and those nice healing chicken enzymes that they say are in chicken soup. But the vegetables and their nourishment is what I'm going for.
Just walking out into the garden and picking the vegetables settles me. The sun on my skin, the breeze, the greens and oranges and reds of the garden. The watermelon and pumpkin waiting to be harvested, gaining strength and nourishment to feed our neighborhood community gardeners.

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