Sunday, September 27, 2009

"It's so close now I can smell it," Ben, 10 a.m. Sunday

The events of the past two weeks have convinced me I could run a corporation. No sweat. I've never had to deal with so many details. But then, like my friend, Mary, I never had seven kids. Now, she could run a corporation.
I don't want to. I just want to go to Nova Scotia.
I want to walk along the beach at Port Maitland, the birth place of my paternal grandparents. I want to go to Cape Forchu, the lighthouse that has sat there for more than a century (I'll have more details on that one) guiding the ships into Yarmouth Harbor.
I want to eat seafood and sit in a tavern with Ben and drink beer and listen to Celtic music. I want to go to the museums. I want to walk in the countryside where long ago ancestors farmed the land. I want to sit in the hot tub at our bed and breakfast.
On our way, I want to see my friend Surya in Maine. It's been 18 years since we have seen each other. I helped at her birth. She helped me with Jared when I was a single mom with a five year old. We have history, so it will be good to reconnect.
Then I will see "cousin" Steve Goudey. We aren't closely related, but George Goudey, 1735, was our direct ancestor. Then we will go to Massachusetts and see the ancestral stomping grounds in and around Salem, Beverly, Ipswich, Lynn and other small towns.
We will stay with cousin Jacquie and Barry. Our grandmother Porters married a Goudey, back to George again. They have invited us to their "B&B" to spend a few days visiting and exploring.
That's all. Just a trip. People do it all the time. They get in a plane and fly away to parts unseen and unknown and have new experiences and come home refreshed and start planning their next getaway.
That's all.
On our way to the McCrackens for a trip christening coffee cake, thanks to Jacob's culinary skills. more stop at mom's to finish out a few more DETAILS.

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JoyRainbow said...

I am so proud of you, Martha, for going on this trip! I am so excited to here about it, too! You are right, people do go on trips all the time and see new places and then plan more trips... but it can still be a scary actually going on one... or a nightmare just to get on the plane! Or even out of your driveway (especially if you stopped by my mom's house on your way). So you have been victorious by just getting out the door! And I talked to my mom today and we chatted about your mom some, it sounds like she will be fine while you are gone. So let the worry slide off you like the tide going out and rest your soul on the warm sand of God's care and provision, and Ben's fabulous humor! I love you!