Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Harvesting watermelon

Kate is holding a giant watermelon we harvested from the garden a few nights ago. Sean is ready to cut into it to find out what is actually inside. It had beautiful, juicy, sweet fruit.


Mary said...

Love the photos on your blog, especially the latest one. I love the garden, and how cool it is. Especially how much it has been a comfort and a place to go to "putter" for you as you process life, your mom, and gardening. lovies, yer neybor

JoyRainbow said...

I am a little envious on all I am missing out on in the garden. But thank you for the photo of my family... helps me know they are ok! Not that they wouldn't be... but it is still comforting to see them. Missing you and Ben and the neighborhood in general today. Lovies! Yer neyborwhohappenstobeinugandarightnow.