Sunday, September 6, 2009

Garden Glow

It's not officially the first day of fall, and next week we expect more hot weather. But today, the wind is blowing and the hills are glowing and the trees are greener from yesterday's soaking rain.
The hay farmers couldn't have been too happy, since hay across the valley was baled in the fields waiting to be hauled to the barns. There's a word for that process, but I don't know what it is. Now the hay will have to dry out before it is stacked.
The garden is aglow as well. The recent planting for a fall crop will get a good start before the weather turns toward fall in earnest.
The peas are 15 inches tall. The lettuce is five inches. The spinach three inches. A late planting of beans is coming on. A late crop of green pepper plants have abundant growth. Next year I'll plant more red and yellow and orange pepper, now that I know how well they do.
Ben and I feasted on another cantaloupe yesterday. Sweet. Sweet. Sweet.
There are more on the vine, but either the bugs are the frost will probably get them first.
Tomatoes are slowing down, but I'm sure we got a good dose of vitamin c from the sweetest tomatoes I've ever eaten.
Jalapenos are getting tiny stripes, a precursor to hot, I'm told. We wait.
Potatoes are drying out underground. I wondered if the rain causes them to mold. We'll find out.

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