Wednesday, September 23, 2009

At 100 mom embarks on new chapter

Mom sat in the lobby today at Orchard Park and said goodbye to friends and acquaintances. One lady gave her a cheerful afghan that mom said to take to the Mission after we left. She felt good that people were eager to say goodbye and to wish her well. Yesterday the managers gave her flowers and acknowledged her departure, telling her they loved her and would miss her. They even acknowledged me as the faithful "awesome" daughter. Ah.
It was hard to strip her apartment, which she has called home for 16 years.
But we did it.
And now, tonight she is in her new digs.
She won't know where everything is for a few days and I imagine she'll be disoriented. But she'll settle, I hope.
When I left her this evening a med tech was giving her her evening medications and was calling her honey. I felt reassured and relieved that we have done the right thing.
And now it's time to pack.
Ben and I leave Sunday for Nova Scotia and New England. We'll be gone 13 days including travel time. Stan arrives next Friday to be with mom for a week while we're gone. He's on call while I'm gone and that gives me peace for our departure.

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