Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Paying it forward

Planted four more tomato plants today as an experiment to determine how the first five plants planted on May 15 do in comparison to the second four, planted today, which proceeded the first six planted way too early and all of which died a horrible death a few weeks ago during one of our May frosts.
What a strange, cold spring. But beautiful. I love the unexpected rain showers, the clouds, the breezes that keep it cool. But a few warm days would do wonders for the peas languishing against the fences. A few vines have flowers, but the plants are tiny.
Also planted a jalepeno today and eight marigolds, that always brighten the garden.
Collards went in yesterday as well.
Neighbor Scott got excited over his first sprouted pumpkin seed.
"A sign of life," he said.
I found out that he was jealous last year when we were harvesting and he wasn't.
Also found out that Forest and Vivian, the previous owners, had dug up the dirt in the garden and replaced it with good dirt.
I have had success in the garden due to their gift that keeps on giving.
I hope that Ben and I will pay it forward when we sell this house. Planting of perennials, the new patio and rock garden, for starters.

Planted four new tomato plants amongst the mesclun, which is bitter. Another view of the garden, which is puny yet.

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