Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mom's Day

It is a day to speak of the great things about my mother.
She taught me about the beauty of words, and although she drove me nuts most of my life correcting my pronouns, I will be forever grateful. She would have made a fabulous newspaper editor.
She taught me about the beauty of the world. She used to throw her hands in the air and exclaim, "oh, look how beautiful."
She always loved the ocean, but learned to love the barren beauty of the Yakima Valley, the light on the hills, the clouds, the open sky.
She taught me perseverance. Has she ever!
Her motto is "Never, ever give up." And she has demonstrated that with a toughness and tenacity to be admired.
Mom has always been generous and in these last years as her finances have gotten tighter, she is frustrated she can't give more.
At 101 she continues to strive to be a better person, asking forgiveness for her wrongs, wanting to better, kinder, more forgiving of others.
Mom has a faith that brings her peace when she isn't peaceful, trust when all seems like it is going to hell.
Mom used to be more acerbic at times, but it was only because she had a profound impatience with ignorance or bureaucracy that makes no sense. I get that.
She has always had a good sense of humor. Because of poor hearing she can no longer appreciate humor like she used to, but her self-deprecating sense of humor has grown stronger. We laugh over silly things. She laughs at herself.
My mother still pats me on the leg when I'm tired or discouraged and tells me, "It will all work out," even when she has no idea what needs to get worked out. And then she says, "Do you want chocolate?"
My mother and I have had a complicated journey together, but I love her deeply and will honor her on Mother's Day with flowers, a card,
and with one of those interminable dinners that almost send me screaming from the dining room.
But I will do it for her.

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