Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother Nature doesn't give a hoot

The tomato plants we planted Saturday froze Tuesday night. The potato plants, which had just started to poke through the dirt, look questionable. I knew better than to plant the tomatoes. But did anyway. Sue wants things in...and I'm respecting that. She says it's her rebellious nature. I get it. But regardless how rebellious we are, Mother Nature has her way. Yakima is renowned for its late frosts. A rule of thumb for vegetable gardeners is no warm weather crops until after Mother's Day. The onions, mesclun, peas and tiny broccoli shoots seem okay, though. I've never planted this early, except for peas, so it has been a good, not too expensive experiment.  I will plant more lettuce today.


Wendy said...

I am hoping our plants up here are OK. We planted about two weeks ago so nothing above ground except starts (tomato, strawberry, basil, mint, onion).

This is my first year at attempting a vegetable garden. We're using the "Google and Pray" method.

martha said...

Google and pray method works well.