Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunrise over Selah--the benefits of a new puppy

The way our house sits on the lot does not provide a morning view of the sun rising. Plus, our bedroom is the other end of the house, so at 7 a.m., it's still dark in the bedroom.  Actually, we rarely see the sun rise mid-winter anyway, no matter which way the house is facing or what time we get up.

But since bringing Taz home, our chances of seeing the sun rise have increased.  Taz needs to go to her puppy-potty place in the early morning, and voila. Sunrise.

One morning when we visited the potty place, a flock of Canadian geese flew over. She was alert and curious. Another morning, large flocks of starlings took off from the neighbors trees. Again, Taz noticed and watched them fly. It's like seeing the world afresh through a baby's eyes, except this time, it's through the eyes of a puppy. Who would have a thought?

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