Saturday, February 13, 2010


We brought this root of lemongrass back from my nephew's in Borrego Springs. It was a dried stick when we found it out of its water jar on its transport across two state lines to be planted in our desert backyard.  I decided to put it in water, trusting that there was still life contained within the dry stock. Nevermind that I could buy a lemongrass plant online, or at a nursery. I wanted Nga's lemongrass!

Here's what it is says online about lemongrass:
Helps Repel Mosquitoes From Inside Your Home, Your Patio, Pool and Garden. Helps Keep You BUZZ-FREE, BITE-FREE FROM SPRING TO FALL! Yes, amazing "LEMON GRASS", nature's own indoor/outdoor natural protection against biting mosquitoes. Named for its lemon aroma and delicious lemon flavor. Most incredible of all---rub "LEMON GRASS" over your skin for at home or away-from-home protection at beach, golf course, picnics or fishing. 

We'll see. I'm looking forward to the tea.  I'm trying to decide where to plant it, but probably close to the patio on the bank above the new wall.

Either way, it's fun to take a dry stick and turn it into a plant. 

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