Tuesday, February 23, 2010

doggie love

I took the photo below of Taz in our garden a few days ago. It was uncanny that her expression reminded me so much of Casey. Different markings, yes. But so much the same. Taz is a very different dog than Casey. She was calm and reassuring, even from the beginning. Taz will grow into loyalty, of course, but right now, it's "me, puppy, me puppy....all about me." She's a sweetheart, though.

I took a series of photos of Casey her last summer with us. We went to the Tieton River and we shared a sandwich. She could barely walk, but I helped her down an embankment to sit near the river near some gray rocks. It was the last really good time I had with her, except for coming home in the evening and having her greet me. Even though she had difficulty standing, she would wag her tail, stand up, and stick her nose between my legs. I would scratch her on her back near her tail. Ironically, when I get up in the morning I kneel down and Taz sticks her head between my legs and I either rub her belly or scratch her back.

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