Saturday, October 3, 2009

Local color

Last night Ben and I were invited to go to a lobster house on the Bay of Fundy on the Yarmouth Bar with our B&B hosts Twyla and Bruce Rogers and ten of their local friends. Talk about local color.
Ernie and Brian, at Stanley Lobster, helped us pick out our lobster. While it was being cooked we were on the rocky beach watching what our new friends said was a typical beautiful sunset, when it wasn't raining. It was also almost a full moon on an almost cloudless night. Brian built an enormous bonfire, we sat on logs sipping wine, and had a great time getting to know people who had lived in Yarmouth most or all of their lives.
We met Andy, a Scotsman and a longtime Yarmouth farmer, Sven, a Norwegian and a principal, his wife, Karen, a French Acadian and school teacher, and others who were descendants of the "British Loyalists."
After dinner in a candlelit room sitting on the bluff eating lobster with ten new friends, we sat around the giant bonfire and laughed and talked some more before going to the home of Dan, (of Dutch descent) and his wife (another Karen) so the men could smoke a cigar. Dan's grandfather had once had a cigar company in the Holland. While Ben smoked a fine cigar on the patio with five men, I drank tea with the ladies. Karen and Karen, Maria, Andy's wife, Karen and Twyla, our hostess, who realized too late that she had to be up at 6:30 to cook dinner for the other guests of the B&B, John and Chris, who had come over from their Maine blueberry farm to stay in the B&B for the weekend. They, too, came to the lobster feast, but went home before the cigar smoking event.
An evening to remember.
We are off to Halifax this morning.


Anonymous said...

Finally catching up on your posts. Sounds lovely! I am so glad you have gotten away and are seeing the beautiful New England and Nova Scotia area. I love the search you were on to find your ancestors' graves! And I am a bit envious of the cigar smoking and tea drinking events. I think you and Ben have more trips in your future!!! We are missing you but so glad you are getting away and getting refreshed! M

JoyRainbow said...

That sounds like so much fun, Martha! I am a little envious of your lobster experience, but I had the best fish and chips of my life this past weekend, so I guess I will be ok. I am praying for your journey to continue to be filled with adventures and rest and interesting people. Love you!