Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Giving Garden Awards Banquet

Tonight we had the Community Garden Awards Banquet. That was after we did fall clean-up yesterday.
I was proud to receive the "Golden Green Thumb" award in "recognition of valuable contributions to garden envisioning and photography" and a "certificate of appreciation in recognition of garden management skills."
Ben received the "Golden Water Wizard" award, given to "Dr. Benjamin Francis in recognition of valuable contributions to organic watering systems," and a certificate of appreciation "in recognition of contributions to design and engineering of irrigation systems."
Everyone else got awards as well. Kate and Molly were in charge of the awards and the awards' ceremony.
Molly wrote a speech, which follows:
"The garden--the community garden--or giving garden--was a beautiful thing.
The giving garden started as a desert with a fence and some bushes. It started as an idea from two neighbors. They saw a garden instead of a desert. They saw what could be done, not what couldn't.
When it started the McCrackens and Martha and Ben teamed up and got wood planks and made an outline which turned into a beginning.
We planted seeds, watered and pulled weeds. At the beginning we pictured harvest time and got excited about what it would look like. We thought about salads and foods we could make. But it was just a beginning.
Then the garden became a gift of friend's helping friends. It would give us food and get us closer. All we had to do was take care of it. Each day we worked the seeds and got closer to food and we neighbors got closer like family. It took work, but gave us fun. It put a smile on our faces.
But then we got to the middle where we faced challenges. Earwigs, weeds, and a rodent. It was the hard part and we felt lazy, but my mom and Martha kept us working. We saw the plant partially grown, which gave us hope. We saw beauty and remembered the gift that would come.
Finally, it was time to harvest. We were happy and hungry. We have harvested and now comes the awards night. And we now know that the gift is greater than the work. We have great food and we are closer friends.
So now I remind you that a desert, no matter how barren, can be a garden that bears beautiful food. And I would like to thank all of you for the work you gave and remember that all a seed needs is dirt, water, and a little sunshine from the sun, and us.
Thank you, Martha, Ben, Mary, Joy, Jacob, Sean, Kate and Ashley and God.
Molly McCracken, age 13."

Thanks Molly. And everyone else. The garden was a special garden, not just because of the bounty we received, but because you were in it.


Lillian Joy said...

Shazaam! That girl can write! She must have picked that up somewhere...hmmm...from her auntie? From her mom? From her sisters and brothers? Sounds like another giving garden has been going on!

Loved the time in the garden this year though it felt like not enough. I am glad we have made plans for next year's crops. More beans, fer shure! I was shelling the dried beans and thinking how many plants it takes to make one jar of soup beans....we're gonna need a bigger bean bed.

Love you and your gardening skills!

JoyRainbow said...

Wow! My little sister is getting all grown up! I have loved hearing about the garden all summer and into the fall, and am often a little jealous that I did not get to help as much due to my need for adventure to far-away places. And I love how often my family comes into your blog... probably because they are your family too. That is wonderful! I love having you and Ben for my family! And I can't wait to see you in December!!!!
Love, Joy!