Friday, August 28, 2009

Aug. 28, 2009 - Fall plantings and squash bugs

The squash bugs invaded the zucchini, pumpkins, and cantaloupe. Thankfully, we already got a lot of zucchini and delicious cantaloupe. The pumpkins will be moldy by October. Live and learn. Next year I doubt I'll use up the room and my energy fighting squash bugs on the pumpkin plants. Little did I know that others have had the same problem. I'll leave the pumpkin growing to the pumpkin farms.
The fall crop of peas are ten inches tall, planted from harvested and dried peas from the spring crop that went into late July.
Planted more lettuce and spinach a few weeks ago, maybe too early, but hopefully it will withstand this late August heat wave of 97 degree days with a nip of all in the late evenings and early mornings here in Central Washington. Today, it's 9:30 a.m. and 80 degrees already. So much for the fall nip.
Today, I planted more turnips and collards, as well as an experimental few brussels sprouts, which I was told will produce until winter?
Also, planted four more Russian Sage in the extended garden for habitat for the friendly bugs and to beautify a very dry cracked piece of earth down our driveway. Will plant more sage and complementary lavender to add to the eight or nine lavender, six grasses, several yarrow, and three other Russian Sage. I hope you bugs are happy now and will keep the vegetable garden relatively bug free next year

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paul buntain said...

Martha, are you aware of the "Squash Bug Boogie"?

1. Stand in the squash/ pumpkin/potato patch.

2. Play your favorate boogie music very loud.

3. Stomp to the music for 15 minutes or until the last bug leaves.

4. Look to make sure that the neighbors haven't called the white suits.

This works, believe it or not. They may return after awhile but just repaeat the application until they get the message...