Monday, August 2, 2010

Trailer Love

Ben and I went camping for an afternoon yesterday, hauling our trailer an hour and a half into the mountains so that he could fish and I could read and sit by the river and watch Taz play.
I was feeling sorry for myself when we arrived, sad about a number of things that haven't been going right in my life, unable to be grateful for all the things that are going right. I cried and then went to sit on a rock in the river, allowing the sound of the water rushing over the rocks, and the coolness of the breeze to soothe my troubled thoughts. I wrote the previous post on the way home, feeling relieved and unburdened by five hours in the mountains.

Our new trailer

Australian Shepherd Water Dog

Just a comparison from 2004...Casey Dog and Shy Dog. Think Casey and Taz are related?

Experimenting with exposure - my healing

Ben's healing

Ben gets his fishing dog

Jay. do you know what this is. It's a trumpet shape.


Jay Francis said...

A wild guess on the flower:Lewis Monkeyflower,Mimulus lewisii. But I.D. is very difficult from one photo. Leaves, stem, size, top and bottom of flower, and it would be easier. Close-ups that show the pistil and stamens also. Lewis was Meriwether, from Lewis and Clark.

Martha Goudey said...

I will try to be better with my photo for ID. Thanks...Monkeyflower sounds right, though.