Friday, June 18, 2010

Garden update

Planted two sweet pepper plants today -- one red, one yellow. Also planted beans where the radishes had been. Garden is languishing a bit. Potato plants being eaten by something. I sprayed with garlic, jalepeno and soap today. Bean plants disappeared under the onslaught of a night raider. Spinach doing okay, but starting to bolt already. Broccoli never headed up (or whatever they say). Brussels sprouts iffy.
But onions, wild flowers, and lettuce are doing well.


Poppy in the peas


The garden

Even weeds are pretty

But not as pretty as yarrow.


JoyRainbow said...

Shoot, sounds like you're having a rough start, Martha. Also, what is yarrow used for? Also, if you happen to be growing kale I will be more than happy to help you eat it next time I am around. I have worked up to eating it raw these days with a little bit of almond butter!
Maybe you should buy some lady bugs to eat the bad bugs?
Love you!

Martha Goudey said...

The lady bugs are out there...and I'm making a spray of garlic, jalepeno and soap. Have to get to that soon. Kale is growing. Wow...never thought of it with almond butter. Sounds great.