Friday, July 16, 2010

The sweet with the sweet

It was a week of sweetness with nephew Donald, his wife, Nga, and daughter, Tai.

Tai is four and delights us all with her charm, humor, intelligence, flexibility, playfulness, creativity and curiosity. They come to visit GG, or great grandmother. I realize that Ben and I are loved and they enjoy visiting with us. But the highlight of their visit is GG. I saw that Donald was sad when they had to leave her.

Each visit for many years has carried with it the knowledge that it could be the last time they see her.
But that is the way with all of us and mom has defied the odds many times over. Tai was just a baby when they first came, thinking then that it would be the only visit.

I'm always sad when they leave, leaving the house empty of Tai's enthusiasm, Nga's quiet humor and love of family (not to mention her fabulous cooking), and Donald's love of life, his intellect and curiosity.

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