Saturday, April 10, 2010

Experimental Garden

Today we tilled the garden. Beautiful soil. Like mixing cake mix, our friend, Norm, said.
Norm and Sue are helping us in the garden this year. Well, the guys tilled, and Ben will set up irrigation, but us girls will do the work.
Sue was anxious to get some seeds in the ground, as was I, but I was more reticent given our unpredictable last freeze dates.
But what the heck.
We planted carrots, broccoli, leeks and some Mesclun. We'll see. If it all dies, we'll be out five bucks and a bit of water and time.
We planted peas March 27. They are sprouting underground (I dug one up) and onions, which are surviving our below freezing temps okay.
I should make some covers, and may do that for the rest of the stuff we put in.
The peach trees are faring well, and the buds remain viable.
We're all so anxious for a day above 50 after a warm March that was filled with so much promise.
I do hear Friday it's supposed to be near 70.
So maybe our seeds will get the boost they need.
And just maybe our last frost date will be May 1 this year instead  of May 15 or 30.

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